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Comcast-Spectacor offers 2008 predictions for sports industry
Fri, 04/01/2008 - 10:21
Executives at Comcast-Spectacor, the Philadelphia-based sports and entertainment firm, forecast technology playing an ever-increasing role in presenting, selling and communicating events in 2008.

Ed Snider, Comcast-Spectacor Chairman said: “There will be continuous efforts by owners and operators of teams and facilities to sync all aspects of purchasing the ticket to an event, experiencing the event live and interacting with this customer long after the event concludes. I see this process becoming simplified through new and innovative technology.”

John Page, Global Spectrum Chief Operating Officer: “Technology continues to evolve and will become a more active participant in the overall fan experience in our venues. I see more scoreboard interaction between our texters. With the potential to capture data from these texters, we can further develop marketing relationships with our customers and increase our database, ultimately selling more tickets.”

Mich Sauers, Comcast-Spectacor Senior Vice President, Business Development: “Two important topics will take the spotlight in our industry in the coming year: new innovations in Ticketing/Ticketing Technology (new and innovative methods of ticket delivery) and the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China. As host for the Summer Olympics, the entire world will focus on China. I have witnessed firsthand the activity and commitment of the Beijing Olympic Organising Committee to present a memorable and spectacular Olympic endeavour. Comcast-Spectacor is keeping a keen eye on the Olympics as we consider opportunities to enter the Chinese market.”

Richard H. Sherwood, Front Row Marketing Services President: “Measuring return on investment in advertising and sponsorships will take centre stage in the industry. LED will continue to take over as the largest advertising vehicle in all venues nationwide. Business relationships for products and/or services will be more important than ever in securing advertisers and sponsors for events, teams, and venues.”

Fred Maglione, New Era Tickets President: “In 2008, sports team marketers, concert promoters and event presenters will realise that the data they can capture through New Era Tickets technology is the most valuable asset they can own. I predict that more and more of them are going to commit their organizations to the concept so that in the future, they will NEVER sell an anonymous ticket.”

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