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Modern Football - The relevance of the Stadium
Every Club dreams having "ITS STADIUM"
  • Soccer History is full of examples of sacrifice by both management and supporters in order to make possible construction of "The Stadium" from which they gain great pride. "Such is the importance of this, it has become the biggest achievement for Clubs from the north to the south of Brazil".

  • As time passed, soccer was modernized and professionalized at all its many levels, changing into a Global Business, very different from the amateur situation of long ago.

  • Today, more than never, bringing the Dream of "Its Stadium" or as it is also known “Its Own House” to reality is one of the biggest challenges all clubs face, and they do not want to be hopelessly behind their many great rivals in this race.
How is it possible for a club to obtain "Its Stadium" or "It’s Own House" without at the same time giving up resources and opportunities that would place it at risk in the development of Professional Soccer, which of course must be it’s main activity?

How to have a "Home Stadium" without taking the risk and having the costs of expensive infrastructure, along with the demanding and heavy maintenance for the Club?

How is it possible to conceive a project, explore all possibilities and construct an appropriate Stadium for the Club, its City, its State and its Supporters?

How can all this be done without compromising the performance of its team? The results desired by its supporters? Without having to sell major star-players? Without creating debt and staying away from financial risks? Placing the Club in the client position for a change?

The answer for all theses questions is LUSOARENAS

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