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Modern Football - The relevance of the Stadium
The Legacy of the Great Event
What a great world-wide event brings for the country, region and towns:
  • Promotion and international exposure.
  • Supports the development of Tourism.
  • Private investments in Hotels, Convention Centers and Services.
  • Facilities and infrastructure for business-oriented Tourism.
  • Modernization of Telecommunications Infrastructure.
  • Advertising Market and Sponsorships.
Great Events need Stages
The Stadium is not the largest of the investments but it is the one that motivates all the others and can best attract the private initiative, thereby freeing the Government for the other innumerable and more important investments that must be made.

Actually Brazil does not have soccer stadiums that take care of the standard demands for the consumer, or are to the standards required by FIFA.
On average, the major Brazilian stadiums do not have even 30% covered area for supporters, and the largest part does not even have 25% of the seats in adequate condition.

What a modern Stadium brings to the city:
  • It helps to create regional wealth with the consequent increase of tax revenue from the Stadium and business it helps to create.

  • Job Creation, both in number and diversity

  • Investment in areas surrounding the Stadium being proportionate to its value and the opportunities that it’s this proximity provides.

  • Revitalization of city areas still not developed or run down.

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